Investors concerned with the long-term safety of their gold holdings will be pleased to learn that under the provisions of the RCMPA, their gold is stored and safeguarded at the Royal Canadian Mint facilities. The Royal Canadian Mint is responsible for and will guarantee the physical security of your gold while in its care, custody and control. The Royal Canadian Mint will be liable to the account holder for the quantity of physical material in their account. The Royal Canadian Mint shall not be liable for any change in value of the precious metals or consequential losses or damages due to market fluctuations.

The gold is protected from any possible Kitco receivership. Therefore, in the event of a Kitco insolvency, this would not result in losses to the owners of the gold, as the Mint pledges to release gold solely to its rightful owners.

Every transaction placed through Kitco’s online ordering system is encrypted through SSL encryption standards, ensuring that one’s personal data is protected against loss, misuse, or fraud.



Nowadays, global investors demand value from their investment vehicles as they seek to diversify their financial assets. The RCMPA strikes a fine balance between reasonable pricing and excellent account security as it addresses both critical factors. Furthermore, the RCMPA enables you to own, hold, buy or sell gold without having to worry about potentially cumbersome and costly safekeeping arrangements. You save on the substantial cost of manufacturing premiums, shipping and insurance charges, and enhance the liquidity of your holdings.



The RCMPA represents an ideal gold investment method for those investors who aim to retain total control over their assets, while they still benefit from secure storage, solid value, and a high degree of product liquidity without the costly assays or shipping delays.
  • Account balances may be purchased or sold, in part or whole, either online or by telephone, whenever the holder of the gold sees fit to do so. This is a highly valuable feature, especially when world metals markets turn volatile.
  • Dual online metal accounts are established on behalf of clients with both Kitco and the Royal Canadian Mint, ensuring the utmost in security and direct personal control. An investor is able to access account holdings at the RCM via a dedicated username and password provided by the Mint, and thereby instantly audit the account balances anytime, and anywhere. No ounces of gold will be released to anyone, without the express instructions of the individual RCMPA holder.
  • RCMPA holders are always entitled to receive part or all of their storage balances in the form of physical bullion products from Kitco. Any major brand-name gold or silver bar or coin normally traded by Kitco as part of its product line is available for conversion. Such a conversion requires only the payment applicable for fabrication premiums and shipping/insurance charges to the customer’s address.

Kitco Metals Inc. and the Royal Canadian Mint are proud to introduce the new Royal Canadian Mint Prestige Account (RCMPA). This enhanced product has been expressly designed to enable savvy investors to purchase and own unallocated ounces of gold held and safeguarded exclusively on their behalf at the Royal Canadian Mint, a Crown Corporation owned by the Government of Canada.

The unique combination of safety, value, and control, makes the RCMPA a key asset for any experienced investor seeking ultimate peace of mind.
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Kitco and the Royal Canadian Mint recently made changes and enhancements to the Royal Canadian Mint Prestige Account program. Currently, the RCMPA is still in its pilot stage and as a result, only existing RCMPA customers are being migrated into the enhanced program. Should you wish to be alerted when the RCMPA is officially launched, click here. If you have already registered for this alert service, one of our Customer Service Representatives will contact you by email once the program becomes available to all customers.